For end users

If you are interested in becoming or are already an owner or user of current Everon system devices and want to discover the features and capabilities, we have more materials on our solutions here and provide you with the links to presentation videos and product information. The Everon system devices are very easy to use and battery operated devices have extremely long operating times.

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For professionals

Everon system devices are being operated and monitored by a wide variety of care professionals. Everon devices are very simple to deploy and provide a secure vehicle to locating wearers and delivering alerts. We have built an infrastructure to give you the best functionality available and if you are interested to find out more about tools at your disposal, additional equipment, tips and tricks, and of course, customer support, we have provided you with more information.

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For distributors

Everon solutions are available already in many countries. However, Everon is looking to find the best partners and welcome well established distributors to become part of our success story.

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